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Sports & Recreation

Enjoy unprecedented Happy Hour

If you want to engage in adventurous activities, that where there is a multitude of sporting and recreational activities allow you to participate. There can promote your adrenal hormones skyrocketed extreme sports, but also for you to relax in accordance with their own pace, enjoy recreational activities.

Movement in Singapore is a very popular pastime, one of the reasons is due here with countless world-class sports facilities, to meet the needs of a variety of sports. Although Singapore has a tropical climate, but you will be surprised to find, where you can still be able to find a number of carefully selected to provide winter sports "Syracuse" (Snow City). But this is not everything. When you are personally living in this city, you will be able to find there are many other sports and activities can be engaged.


Ignite your passion

Participate in a variety of extreme sports, intense feelings of Singapore's most active. Unprecedented excitement factor brings you absolutely heartbeat stimulation. Wide range of facilities for your favorite extreme sports in a go, for example, rock climbing, water skiing or skateboarding. Without spending large sums can ignite your passion, how can one ecstatic.


Sentosa Island

Not only has the island Resorts World integrated resort also has a theme park , a variety of wildlife protected areas , all kinds of gardens , zoos . . .

GX-5 limit Swing

GX-5 limits can certainly make you feel Swing adrenaline thrill of speed increases .

Limit skate park

If you want to watch the sport , or the like then to the East Coast to experience the ultimate skate park stimulate it.

Splash , a fun play

In tropical Singapore , swimming is the best way to cool off . Divertimento dripping splash in intoxicated : You can open a waterpark pleasant journey , to participate in a variety of other water sports. World-class jet chute 9 18 bends , attracted visitors exclaimed again and again , of course , you can also enjoy the experience , such as boating , wind surfing and other activities. Do not forget to bring swimsuit, join unparalleled wild water adventure.

Wild Wild Wet Water Park

No matter what you like water activities , will be in Wild Wild Wet water park facilities high-speed surfing , Southeast Asia's first raft ...

Sentosa Island

Not only has the island Resorts World integrated resort also has a theme park , a variety of wildlife protected areas , all kinds of gardens , zoos . . .

Sentosa artificial Sailing area

Artificial Windsurfing area, as Sentosa regional hot rides a rising star , because the first one built on the island appear abnormal exciting drum -shaped waves of three meters and become discerning international visitors and surfing enthusiasts first choice.

Feel comfortable in the sun

Singapore's hustle and bustle in the city , there are many other activities for your spare time for recreation . For example picnic in the park or beach walks and a variety of outdoor sports . Singapore Botanic Gardens , East Coast Park and West Coast Park activities , many are soaking up the sun , embrace the sun 's choice. No matter what is your preference, Singapore will not let you down.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Sprawling Singapore Botanic Gardens has provided people with an escape city hustle and bustle , a good place to return to nature . Not only that , there are also more and more outdoor concerts of all ages. Known as the world 's largest orchid show National Orchid Garden is also located here , with 60,000 orchids and other plants.