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Shop untill you drop

Singapore's annual sale will have a variety of shopping, was undoubtedly one of the most prestigious Singapore Sale. In addition, world-class shopping mall, row upon row of colorful array of goods. You only need to enter Singapore iconic shopping street, you can choose for their goods. Can be a rewarding experience, a wonderful reflection of piles of value of goods and gifts, there will be no break Kongshouerhui situation. Be sure to do shopping till you drop psychological preparation oh.

Here, waiting for you will be the world-class shopping experience. The island has a number of shopping areas for you to explore and choices to meet your shopping needs.

If you chase the latest fashion trends, it may wish to Singapore's main shopping district, Orchard Road (Orchard Road). But if you want to buy more goods culture, Kampong Glam (Kampong Glam), Little India (Little India) and Chinatown (Chinatown) will be your ideal choice. Here you will find all kinds of ethnic and cultural products, jewelry, textiles, antiques and a collection of other commodities.


Under the Arab region

This quaint historic district name may have originated in the lush growth here glam tree (Gelam Tree). 1822 , Kampong Glam land is allocated to Malaysian and other Muslim immigrants live . The area also includes a small but successful Arab businessman area. In 1989, Kampong Glam City Development Authority of Singapore (Urban Development Authority) declared a protected area , in much of the buildings have been re- repair.

The area with the Bugis MRT (Bugis MRT Station) and many shopping centers, such as the Bugis street (Bugis Junction) and bustling Bugis market (Bugis Market) is only a stone's throw away. Today, you can Ba Suola Street , Baghdad Street and Kandahar Street to find row upon row of painted in vibrant colors, protected outlets. Many shophouses now being designed and IT companies, restaurants , food service providers, art galleries, craft and antique shops are leased.


In toured the historic Sultan Mosque , you can walk has been transformed into a commercial pedestrian street by Ba Suola street. During the colonial era, which is the heart of the Arab kampong area , fully meet the Muslim religious requirements. Here , you can find the old man and the new clothing store dealership complementary inclusion. Those stores specialize in selling goods in Singapore , such as the famous Singapore Airlines kebaya replica , jewelry and decorative accessories as well as Arab or Muslim books.

From Bussorah street, you can continue along the pastoral poetry like Ma Shiji Street (Muscat Street) go on, then folds Ru Yala Street (Arab Street), Arab Street in the 1950s and 1960s used to be famous textile world . Here you can still find silk, batik , lace , organza and other materials , and here also offer custom tailor services. You can buy a ready-made traditional or modern Malay clothing, carpets, antiques and wicker baskets such as hand-woven goods, to take home to make your home a new look , or watch all kinds of traditional games , such as the clock grid (Congkak) game ( a use of marble and wood for a game ) .

End of the street is the North Bridge in Alberta (North Bridge Road), where there are many specialized disposal -related items and the Muslim community 's shops, including sandalwood, rosary, Lei Haer (rehal) ( special place Quran bookshelves ) and wood system toothbrush.


Holland Village

Because here exudes a laid-back charm, Holland Village (Holland Village) is an expatriate in Singapore 's favorite place to stay . If you just want to spend a full day at leisure , with friends or listening to music, this is definitely a perfect destination. For there is not much time to explore every corner of vacationers , the Holland Village is a microcosm of Singapore , offers many unique style of Singapore 's shopping and entertainment venues . Take a taxi from Orchard Road takes only 10 minutes to reach here .


Lorong Manmeng (Lorong Mambong) along the eclectic , full of live concert hall, luxury restaurant , lounge bar . There are also traditional cafes, where you can sip a cup of teh tarik (teh tarik), busy watching the world transform ; There is also a wet market (wet market) ( sale of fresh meat and fish ) , and antique shops . During the day, photography enthusiasts will gather here to wash film works best for them and buy new equipment frames .

Holland Road Shopping Center (Holland Road Shopping Centre) is an ethnic style with a treasure trove of art and crafts . There is a man named Lim's Arts and Living large stores , with an array of antiques and other products, such as Moroccan dishes, cages , African statues and shisha pipe. In addition to home decor items , you will find here twelve sell second-hand clothing store .

Holland Road Shopping Centre is across the Jimei Garden (Chip Bee Gardens). Italian Restaurant , novelty fashion shops, food court and art galleries everywhere here , and it buzzes.

Enjoy the charm of Chinese culture

Singapore's Chinatown is the largest historic district, close to the bustling commercial center . 1819 , when Raffles (Raffles) announced that Singapore as a trading port , many Chinese people have fled because of many problems China to Singapore . These problems include poverty , famine and civil strife. When the man after the legalization of immigrants in 1860 , more Chinese came to Singapore looking for work. To the late 1860s , the Chinese have accounted for 65% of Singapore's population .

Chinatown currently consists of pre-war shophouses with Chinese characteristics , of which business people over the years have been selling the same merchandise - silk, traditional handicrafts and gold , jade jewelry. Do not miss to large Chinese department stores Yuhua (Yue Hwa) shopping opportunities , which is located in Eu Tong Sen Street (Eu Tong Sen Street) and Upper Cross Street segment (Upper Cross Street) crossroads location. Here has a variety of authentic Chinese goods , such as tea , herbs , food , household items , antiques and other traditional Chinese cheongsam dress .

Travel is the best time to visit Chinatown during Chinese New Year , when the Chinatown Food Market (Chinatown Food Market) buzzes from lion to Chinese opera performances will make you crazy . The long-awaited New Year to inject more vitality market where you can find dazzling rows of hanging paper lanterns to attract business stalls , Chinese calligraphy, Chinese opera masks, contemporary fashion and festive cuisine. During the festival, these stalls gradually filled less than noon Pagoda Street (Pagoda), Smith Street (Smith Street), Trengganu Street (Trengganu Street) and Sago Street (Sago Street).

There are many shopping malls in Chinatown . In Chinatown, there are many shopping malls . More important shopping centers including the Chinatown Point (Chinatown Point), Pearl Square (People's Park Complex) and Chinatown Complex (Chinatown Complex). Chinatown building was in 1972 Sago Lane, built on the site of both sides of the funeral home . These stores not only sell a wide variety of Chinese goods , but also provide affordable electronic products, textiles and discount cosmetics and clothes .

If you are interested in fashion, do not miss Cheung Road (Ann Siang Road) and Club Street (Club Street), where you can store in the chic local Taobao , such as creative shop (Asylum) and the Nordic boutiques (Style : NORDIC).

Song of India

As a family of Indian community in Singapore , Little India is a shopping area filled with car horns , bicycle bells and residents crying noises, like a vibrant set sound, color , smell in one place is the Tekka Market (Tekka Market), from the small India MRT Station (Little India MRT Station) near and within walking distance . Tekka market there are many for sale in India , Malaysia and Chinese food stalls , often attract people to come over from Singapore bites . There is also a special sale of fresh vegetables, meat , fish , spices and flowers wet market . Procurement such as brass oil lamps and pots pot like souvenirs, or buy fresh jasmine garlands, its flavor is Little India 's iconic flavor.

Shrouded in spices and aromatic flowers Qinru Heart is in Serangoon Road (Serangoon Road) and the passage of the alley , such as Campbell Lane (Campbell Lane), Dunlop Street (Dunlop Street) and Xin Deng Lu (Hindon Road). Attention sell Ayurvedic oil , gold, incense and various textures of fabric stalls.

No to at Serangoon Road and Sea Wei Lu (Syed Alwi Road) corner of the 24-hour shopping mall - Mustafa Centre (Mustafa Centre) for an all-night shopping spree , your little trip to India is incomplete the . Do not be fooled by its humble appearance , because of this huge department store is a veritable storehouse , sell home furnishings , decorative items , packaged and fresh food, Indian spices , a variety of clothing and textiles, electronics and other prevalent in Singapore at the lowest fixed prices to buy.

The famous shopping strip

Is well known that , Orchard Road means " orchard road " in the early 19th century , before the region was full of orchards and plantations , the results of all of the nutmeg tree plantations destroyed by a mysterious plant diseases . Since the area is surrounded by valleys , floods are also common. In the 1970s , with the Poets Dong Mall (CK Tangs), Plaza Singapura (Plaza Singapura) and Mandarin Hotel (Mandarin Hotel) and other buildings built here gradually to the entertainment center direction. With a brick , one by one block , one has a steel and glass high-rise building replaced the previous dirt paths, such as Orchard Road has become such a popular shopping strip today .

Where an old mall is located along Orchard Road, at the beginning of the Tanglin Mall (Tanglin Mall), and the Regent Hotel (Regent Hotel) step. Tanglin Mall offers to sell beads, clothing, accessories , furniture and antiques shops of various commodities . Here you can find some of the famous art and craft galleries, such as the Sun Craft and Asia Ancient Craft Gallery (Asia Ancient Gallery).

Located in the Orchard MRT station exit site of the ION Orchard shopping center, a new shopping experience awaits you. The center has eight floors , with 60 million square feet shopping area , on the first floor in a Prada, Coach and Louis Vuitton and many other luxury brands layers of underground shopping malls packed with shoppers from all walks of life - students and nine late five earners even Monday to Friday also gathered here to buy a full range of popular brands such as Topshop, Fred Pery and Armani Exchange.


Another debut new shopping mall is Orchard Central (Orchard Central), its interior decoration Spanish release a comfortable atmosphere , decorated with colorful flowers, leaves and flowers grill balcony refreshing. You can also enjoy fine dining in the open air and a roof garden , overlooking views of the city and enjoy the world's highest indoor climbing wall (Via Ferrata Wall) and the famous artists of art. You can not miss in Orchard Central City 313 @ Somerset, here with famous brand Forever 21 in Singapore's largest flagship store occupies four floors total area


Experience all-encompassing way of life services

No running , can meet in the same place all the shopping , dining and watching movies needs. These are just a shopping mall in Singapore You can enjoy some of the services . Here are designed to offer the boutique gourmet restaurants, enjoy the visual feast for fans of cinema , as well as numerous shopping make shopping Daren shopping opportunities.

In addition, even more surprising is that each shopping centers are able to offer you a unique shopping experience , which help you to find your own favorite products and services. Ngee Ann City (Ngee Ann City), ION Orchard and VivoCity (VivoCity) popular shopping malls like the locals of all ages, so if you are in the Lion City , be sure to enjoy its unique charm.

Shopping malls

No running , can meet in the same place all the shopping , dining and watching movies needs. These are just a shopping mall in Singapore You can enjoy some of the services .

Bugis street

Bugis Square, part of the traditional mall , part open-air shopping area , there are sidewalk cafes and shophouses , as well as shining shiny new retail palace. Its greatest feature is the first in Singapore, with a glass-covered shopping street.


If you want to buy a different classical instruments like the violin , then you certainly can Centrepoint (Centrepoint) to find , because there are several classical musical instrument stores.

Far East Shopping Centre

Orchard Road as another sign of the mall , Far East Shopping Centre (Far East Shopping Centre) is best known for its popular jewelry and gemstone products.

Enjoy satisfying shopping experience

Shopping in Singapore will be a very very satisfied with the experience, because here you will find almost all of their favorite things. In addition, for each customer -specific shopping preferences , here are able to meet their needs special shops and shopping malls, this feature has become the entire shopping experience the most satisfying part .

Thus, if you wish to purchase a particular product , they can easily understand the destination is located. For example , the most complete line of accessories , including computer and electronic products, you can power the computer in the forest sector Square (Sim Lim Square) and Funan Technology and Information Plaza (Funan Digital Mall) exhaustively to find . Or you can also like Borders and Kinokuniya bookstore (Kinokuniya) to satisfy their craving for books . Whether your interests lie in Singapore , you'll find a variety of their own in the store satisfied with the goods .


Book lovers in Singapore are never disappointed. Whether you prefer paperback or bindings, where you can find your love thing.

Books Actually

Books Actually has a warm and inviting old-fashioned bookstore style, compared with the majority of Singapore's bookstores , it is distinctive .


Borders have all kinds of books , magazines, newspapers , music and DVD, no matter what genre you are looking for literature, music and films, will not come here empty-handed . Types of goods here is very complete .


This is a Japanese Kinokuniya stores in Singapore , the number of books than most of its library . Orchard Road flagship store area of ​​43,000 square feet , more than 500,000 books .


MPH is Singapore's prestigious book retail company , whether you are looking for a novel , or want the latest issue of " Time" magazine , here is a good place to go. Since the late 1800s , the company had engaged in book publishing business in Singapore