Nightlife in Singapore

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Booze and purge

Experience the other side of city life

After nightfall, Singapore will also show another a landscape, to offer you a variety of nightlife and entertainment to choose from. There may be a noisy nightclub party hedonist dispel the long night; neon bar and lounge are available OSVALDO and cool people happily drinking; rather passionate live entertainment are able to meet active revelers needs.

In addition to music and entertainment activities, food and dining also occupy an important position in the nightlife. There are many restaurants stay open until late at night, they are able to offer diners fine cuisine styles. Whether you want to taste some of the late night fast food to feed their families, or indulge in a night of fun, the added energy through food, where there will be able to stimulate your appetite for the many foods to choose from. When you are faced with such a rich food, sleep might well have been simply forgotten it.

Wanton wine and food tasting

If you want to spend a quiet evening or enjoy Chillout, Singapore will bring you a fresh supreme experience. Colorful dining and entertainment hotspot venues, dazzling. Countless activities and recreational venues and other tricks you patronize, colorful nightlife - this is the advantage of living in an international city. Code and Boat Quay in Krakow wonderful night turned on the choice.


1 Twenty Six

Every Tuesday , Wednesday nights have bands perform live , Friday will have DJ debut, every Saturday is disco , funk and jazz percussion mixed field .

Bar Opiume

This greatly acclaimed bar is famous for its elegant dining experience , adjacent to the location of the Asian Civilizations Museum gives the bar picturesque scenery.

Café Del Mar

Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island , you can find a one with the famous Ibiza fanaticism comparable entertainment shrine. Café Del Mar has an indoor lounge bar, outdoor swimming pool and open-air bar , indoor and outdoor dance floor you can choose from .


If you want to enjoy the time with both the purely artistic and unique nightlife experience , Orgo is your destination. Orgo named after the "Organic Chemistry ( Organic Chemistry ) acronym , this rooftop bar replaces the thick glass wall , highlighting the sense of the modern city ."


In the luxurious dining in stylish surroundings dance called the Supperclub label. Sin Chew this famous club brands in the world have many branches, providing people with the freedom and wanton shout slogans leading luxury entertainment experience.

Timbre Power Station

Timbre Power Station is Singapore's best live music clubs, numerous music every night in the open air venue for performances.

Local actors to perform

Local vibrant music and entertainment , and fashion go hand in hand . Perhaps this is a regional music centers in Singapore reason . Focus on the promotion of music culture , the birth of a number of talented musical artists . Best entertainment in the local seen its shadow . Brief view of local bands timetable.

Home Club

As Singapore is one of the few authentic underground bar , Home Club provides is like a living room in a friend spend the evening experience.

Timbre Power Station

Timbre Power Station is Singapore's best live music clubs, numerous music every night in the open air venue for performances.

John & Krueger

In 1993, they were prosperous Cairnhill area Where Else Bar debut , after a period of rest , and now back in front of enthusiastic local fans .

Dancing to the beat of the music

Enjoy the nightclubs, bars and lounges where live shows are staged to celebrate a wonderful evening moment of choice . Both on a single rock music , modern pop music, pedal music , but also no shortage of jazz songs, so the dance floor crowd swaying posture stop. And some venues open musical activities for smug musician Qing Yin shallow sing , stage audience . Now let's enjoy the carnival -like without it to Japan .

Crazy Elephant

This home is located in Clarke Quay 's Bar with its rock and blues music for the love and highly respected. Decorative wood trim and graffiti rock show Singapore 's unique flavor , many modern buildings everywhere in this area in more unique .


Whether in the morning to enjoy a delicious brunch or dinner in the evening while enjoying a drink while , Hacienda both will bring you first-class experience.

Bridge Jazz Bar

In this very busy popular jazz bar , you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best live jazz in Southeast Asia . Comfortable outdoor seating , first-class audio equipment , along with the wonderful and beautiful music , chatting experience pleasant leisure time .

Paulaner Brauhaus

Whether traditional costumes of staff , or pork knuckle and unique brewed beer , Paulaner Brauhaus will bring you a true Bavarian dining experience.

Wala Wala Café Bar

This bar offers a casual atmosphere, good food choices and excellent live music , called Holland Village a resort. Wala Wala Café Bar bands playing almost every night . 19:00 to 9:00 for the bar happy hour.

Acid Bar

No matter how musical style bar scene , you can find a style of music lovers day . The bar atmosphere around the melody and build an open -air concept , which is very well welcomed guests packed almost every night .

Home Club

As Singapore is one of the few authentic underground bar , Home Club provides is like living in a friend spend the evening in the experience of