Family Fun

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The joy of all music

Both young and old, you'll Singapore attracted a large number of wonderful attractions, all of these attractions will together constitute the family reunion, a great place to share your favorite moments. In many attractions to choose from, each spots are able to provide various recreational activities for you to relax. Some of these activities exciting adventure, some filled with educational, so if you encounter dwell time is limited, you are really difficult in which to make a choice.

Want to be able to play a comprehensive family can go to Sentosa attractions (Sentosa). There is not only a rich and exciting adventure activities that you can play, as well as world-class entertainment venues, including the Resorts World Sentosa (Resorts World Sentosa) allows you to relax. Tourism in Singapore is a great way to participate in or HIPPO DUCK tours. By then, you will take an open top bus bus, or take a walk in the land and water real Vietnamese warships to enjoy the surrounding attractions. Faced with so many tourist attractions and events, be sure to make their own travel arrangements in advance.


Every day new discoveries

Singapore's role is not limited to sightseeing attractions. In addition to the tourist hot spots, they are also found in children and a good place to learn new things. Children can enjoy the lake, while more animals, birds, fish and scientific facts relevant knowledge and more information. Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Science Centre to become a popular tourist destination for families with children and regular visitors alike picnic sites.


Singapore City Gallery

If you do not want to go to Singapore's Sentosa Sky Tower ornamental beauty , what other choice ? Singapore City Gallery also allows you to enjoy some of the best of the city-states of the country scenery .

Dream Fish - Arowana breeding farms

Dream fish fishery has focused on Singapore arowana breeding , which boasts the largest local arowana .

Firefly Health Farm

With " joy, healthy diet," as the slogan, Firefly Health Farm planted a lot of leafy vegetables, vegetables, local fruits, legumes , fruits and local herbs. All products are foreign sales.

Charpy sheep farm

Sheep farms may sell fresh goat's milk , goat's milk every day will be processed extruded into fresh dairy products for sale .

Jurong Bird Park

At the Jurong Bird Park , you can stroll while Xian Jing , while watching some of the world 's most beautiful birds .

Singapore Zoo

You can visit the zoo surrounded by a variety of wildlife display area, along the walkway watching the stunning rainforest cotton crown tamarins and co -toed monkey, observe a variety of exotic vegetation.

Unparalleled experience waiting for you to come

Singapore has a lot of brand new and exciting attractions to be explored , to give you unparalleled absolutely wonderful experience . Among them are the world leader in using the latest technology to bring you a world-class entertainment. Recently completed two fully equipped resort , called the leading international giant, for the whole family leisure time more enjoyable .

Sentosa 3D Virtual Theater

Boarded a virtual roller coaster of this class , I feel like control whitecaps rolling rapids , over the mountains, down a canyon. To feel the infinite Sentosa 3D virtual theater thrills .

NEWater Exhibition Centre

NEWater Exhibition Centre to find out why the water for our small country is a precious source of life, and to understand the interaction between the Singapore waterways .

Singapore Crocodile Farm

Farm by the Tan Gna Chia late in World War II 60 years ago to establish , as the dispersion in the range of one acre pond , meadows and ditches in the hundreds of crocodile retains a natural habitat.

Family science and discovery

Numerous attractions information, education , enough to spend your whole family for hours , tirelessly absorb knowledge , knowledge of the facts , Secret Singapore history and background. Science and information discovery Attractions filled with interactive learning atmosphere , so you and your family to prepare for the heart and soul feel the knowledge contained in the various exhibitions .

NEWater Exhibition Centre

NEWater Exhibition Centre to find out why the water for our small country is a precious source of life, and to understand the interaction between the Singapore waterways .

Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Science Centre exhibition covering almost everything about science , including the human body , space , climate change, solar systems, etc.

Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre

Sentosa Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre is one of the island's newest attraction , allowing visitors to experience an in-depth exploration of the island's wildlife interactive travel.

Singapore Discovery Centre

Singapore Discovery Centre 's aim is to take an interactive and fun way to share the story of Singapore's history , in order to inspire locals for Singapore's future contribution to the enthusiasm of their own power