Culture and Heritage

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Diversified experience second to none

Singapore has elsewhere incomparable diversity. As a multi-ethnic society, Singapore is hosting multiple groups, cultures and religions of the integration, which involves every aspect has a very long history. In addition to live in harmony with each other outside, during which there is also a mutual respect between, and this through daily interactions and festivals can be seen.

If you want to experience one of Singapore's multi-ethnic culture, travel to different ethnic neighborhoods would be a good choice. You will be able to thoroughly enjoy a culture where the baptism, at the same time, your five senses will each also experienced many experiences. Recommended to first visit some ethnic neighborhoods of Chinatown (Chinatown), Kampong Glam (Kampong Glam), Little India (Little India), such as cutting (Joo Chiat) Katong (Katong).


Each culture sui generis

Eclectic culture of Singapore adds infinite charm. The coexistence of different cultures become inseparable whole community, but it is amazing. Singapore brought together from all over the world people of different races, residents, including Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians and other minorities. You can stop ethnic neighborhoods, ethnic culture firsthand experience infection. Local people for their hospitality self-evident.


A taste of world-class design

Singapore land space is limited, to maximize the use of available resources. This is Singapore's skyscrapers and architectural innovation enthusiasm, particularly respected for building intelligent causes. Therefore, Singapore and around the world-renowned architect has introduced a startlingly ambitious, expanding new realm of design, making Singapore the landscape increasingly rare and charming.


In the central business district, you will immediately attracted attention by numerous high-rise buildings, but did not allow Singapore to stop construction more architectural masterpieces footsteps.

Armenian Church

Armenian Church melancholy gray outside through the landscaped gardens, into the church, the grand interior architecture will give you sincere admiration.


Chijmes (pronounced "chimes") to take the English name "El Nino Convent of Jesus," the first letter in English together, neoclassical style building has become Singapore's most aesthetic dining and entertainment venues.

Singapore Chinese Garden

Step into elegant Chinese Garden, an ancient Chinese flavor will oncoming. Chinese Garden by renowned Taiwanese architect Professor Yuen-Chen Yu is designed to emulate China's northern palace architectural style and landscape design.

Goodwood Park Hotel

The same as the Raffles Hotel, Goodwood Park has received early celebrities too numerous countries, such as entertainers, politicians, writers and so on.

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa has anywhere in the world can boast of an exclusive garden resources: garden has more than 1,000 statues, and has as many as 150 dioramas, the Chinese myths and legends and folk tales lively interpretation of it.


If you want to experience a little different kind of style, this is definitely something worth exploring. Back to the church architectural interest, like the intricate facade of the palace, above the door and opened a small cross-shaped windows.


Learn the history of Singapore

Browse the island's numerous cultural relics is the best way to understand the history of Singapore. Fantastic journey takes you through time and witness an important moment in history, to give you Gongfengqisheng illusion. Embark on cultural heritage tours, understand the local heavy long history, feelings, observations and experiences of the past years in Singapore changing.

Chinatown Heritage Centre

To Chinatown Heritage Centre, you can experience Singapore's early Chinese immigrants of daily life. Chinatown Heritage Centre is located in the cultural center of Chinatown district, is a renovated three-story shophouse, where you will gain insight into the rich history of Singapore.

Chinese Heritage Centre

Through the China Pavilion Chinese culture related items and art collection, conservation and display, allowing people to Chinese immigrant cultures and traditions have a deeper understanding.

Civil Defence Heritage Museum and Gallery

Civil Defence Heritage Museum and Gallery witnessed so far since the late nineteenth century, the Singapore Civil Defence Fire and the development process. In addition to understanding the development of fire history, personalized, interactive booth, visitors can experience life in the real fire scene.