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Taste of the world

Singapore's multicultural make it a collection of various flavors of the land. You can start with a variety of local dishes on the menu in a glimpse of Singapore's cultural diversity: Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan and so on.

Wander among this diverse city, you will be able to taste the Malaysian Halal, South Indian Vegetarian (thali), North Indian meal (naans and briyani), Cantonese dim sum, Hainanese chicken rice, Beijing roast duck, Hokkien noodle (China Fujian Province fried noodles) and crepes (spring rolls); these dishes food center in Singapore and restaurants everywhere.


Chinese cuisine is the cuisine of the country 's major role in stage one . Chinese people believe that all kinds of spices mixed together can enhance the integration of yin and yang foods . Food is also seen as a symbol of all kinds , such as noodles symbolize longevity , a symbol of wealth, oysters , fish symbolizes prosperity .

Trip to Singapore can provide you with an opportunity to enjoy Chinese food around . You can taste Guangdong immigrants bring you delicious snacks, barbecue and a variety of soups , spicy dishes from Sichuan and delicious chicken rice from Hainan . Famous stuffed tofu ( bean curd stuffed fish slip ) are created by the Hakkas . Hearty meat dishes and pasta appetizer constitute a part of Taiwanese cuisine , while the taste is slightly lighter Chaozhou , including steamed seafood , soup and broth . Here, too, do not forget to try the local favorite Chinese dishes such as chilli crab , bak kut teh , curry fish head or a salad .

If you are a fan of Indian food , then you will have the opportunity in the South Indian and North Indian cuisine in the many bites . First appearance is vegetarian Indian Pudding (thosai), seafood and coconut milk curry mixed vegetables . Followed by a somewhat mild curry dishes, creamy yogurt dishes, tandoori (tandoori) dish and soft Naan (naan) bread. Most Indian dishes are accompanied by a variety of spices, such as cardamom, cloves, fennel , coriander and pepper ; only in Singapore before you can see a variety of Indian restaurants in spicy curry fish head.

You can also experience the locals favorite Indian Halal, such as India fly pie (roti pratas), India minced meat pancake (murtabak, fly cake stuffed minced meat , eggs and onions ) and nasi briyani ( supplemented with spicy chicken or lamb saffron rice ) . All these dishes can be used tarik (teh tarik or "pulled tea") to match ; pull dish is an absolutely make you satisfied with the creamy frothy milk .

Singapore Malay dishes allow you the opportunity to taste a variety of sauces and spices, including ginger , turmeric , galangal , lemon grass, curry leaves , shrimp paste and chili and more. The use of a large number of local spices and coconut milk , you will find Malay Choi Heung not spicy . Cadogan coffee such as peanut butter and more (gado gado, Indonesian salad, raw materials, including lettuce , bean sprouts and fried tofu ) dishes such occupies a prime location . It is also satay ( grilled with onion and cucumber skewers ) the main seasoning. You can also enjoy the unique coconut rice (nasi lemak) or maleic paella (nasi padang), there are a variety of styles for you to choose .

Nonya unique combination of Chinese , Malay and Indonesian cuisine ; would include lemongrass , chili , tamarind sauce, shrimp paste and coconut milk like spices and herbs spices mixed together to create a rich steamed , stews and curries . Make sure to try the chicken stew and black fruit (ayam buah keluak), which is a chicken complemented by the black fruit (buah keluak) chicken dishes ; also try laksa (laksa), a very well-known , the use of rice and coconut milk made ​​with seafood or chicken decoration " Nonya ."

Singapore cuisine is far more than that. Singapore also from Thailand , South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, and even a variety of flavors. Whether you want to enjoy Japanese cuisine , hearty Italian meal or keen on French bistro ambience, this map of the " red dot " you will not be disappointed .

Malay dishes

Malay cuisine is known for is its fragrant spices and flavors , including lemon leaf , lemongrass , onion, garlic , ginger , galangal , curry leaves , turmeric, shrimp paste and chili and more.

Into either a Malay food center restaurant , point a Malay paella - rice with a variety of spicy meat, fish , poultry and vegetarian dishes - and enjoy. You can also choose Carousel ( a halal buffet restaurant in the city center ) , or other Malay cuisine restaurants to taste Soto Ayam, one kind of bean sprouts with chicken and spicy chicken soup , or coupled with a Ni Wan or compressed rice noodles fried potatoes cake . Sit down and savor served with onion, cucumber and peanut sauce skewers ubiquitous beef, lamb or chicken satay . Another signature Malay dishes are packed in banana leaves in coconut rice , as well as beef rendang (rendang), a chunk of beef accompanied by a sauce and spices rich cuisine.

Malay dishes Another basic ingredient is Belachan (Belachan), one kind is usually made ​​with fresh mashed spicy chili shrimp paste, for a variety of dishes to add flavor. For religious reasons , Malay and Indonesian dishes do not contain any pork, and is usually referred to as "halal".

Most dishes are used to reconcile the spicy coconut milk curry . Freshly grated coconut is also used to decorate cakes and other desserts. Malay dishes desserts ( such as cendol) usually use a lot of coconut milk, which for the purposes diners like sweets is irresistible ; while red bean ice (ice kachang) is set by the red beans and jellies made ​​with ice pop dessert.

You can also visit Kampong Glam (Kampong Glam) the cultural attractions to tourism, and at the end of your day , before entering a coffee shop, filled with spicy and exotic tastes of traditional Malay dishes .


The meat is grilled or cooked extremely popular. The succulent meat ( usually muscle , beef or lamb ) cut into small cubes advance good shape pickled string to small sign above the burning charcoal gives off after baking delicious delicious fragrance.

Satay is usually sold into 10 strings ( strings can also be single retail ) , dipped in sweet and spicy peanut butter taste is more unique , and usually with chopped onion , cucumber , and Malay cakes ( wrapped in coconut leaves Malay style rice cake ) to eat together.

Interestingly, dipped in peanut butter ( with spices and grated peanuts made ​​) sources can be said to eat and turns, which originates from the Philippines , while the Philippines is determined by its colonial masters found in South America, Spain will this diet method returns into here.

Although today's satay are processed by the factory made ​​bamboo skewers , a few centuries ago, people were made ​​with dried coconut leaves for cooking string sign . In the charcoal rack baking, brush with oil after the satay will slowly covered with a brownish attractive glossy .

As one of Singapore's most famous Malay dishes , satay is one not to be missed food, delis , restaurants and food centers - such as the East Coast Lagoon Food Village , a 24-hour Lau Pa Sat Food Centre , you franchise could have found authentic satay stalls . In recent years, Chinese satay stall holders who has created a new pork satay , as the experience of centuries of Evergreen cuisine brings another flavor .

Miscellaneous Vegetable Rice

Originated in Indonesia ( Padang is a city located in the west coast of Sumatra ) miscellaneous paella , which reads steamed white rice and a variety of meats and vegetables. Which dishes including delicious curry chicken, potato cakes , fried spinach and spicy vegetable soup .

Mixed paella dishes are made of Indonesia 's unique dry heat cooking methods, and thus full of dishes overflowing aroma. However, Singapore's local paella unique hybrid , reducing the amount of salt dishes , adding more vegetable species , and thus more conducive to health.

Miscellaneous edible Vegetable Rice usual manner somewhat similar to the families and friends get together with mini- buffet. Everyone pick their favorite food, put it in your plate filled with rice . Singapore's most popular mixed paella restaurant comes in Kampong Glam area Hajjah Maimunah mixed paella , where the cozy dining atmosphere is particularly suitable for a wider range of dishes selected people groups .

However, to try this delicious Indonesian Malays do not necessarily have to go to Kampong Glam or Geylang area . Singapore throughout the city , even in places like the central business district has a mixed paella figure. These places at lunchtime customers door , they only come to enjoy this famous cuisine .

When you come to mixed paella restaurant, greeted by a display of rich dishes glass counter . You need not therefore retreat feet , just straight points to those of your favorite dishes ( or let the waiter recommended ) and then await food and serve it. You will find mixed paella is Singapore's best value dining options.


Personally taste the best food in Singapore

Taste the specialties of Singapore, let your taste buds to enjoy here wanton authentic taste. Make sure to try the rich spicy chili crab gravy. If you do have a soft spot for spicy dishes, then you must also try the next fish head curry.

Hainanese chicken rice, nasi lemak there is selection of these foods, but it is also the most local favorite dishes. Fresh graduates, and a cup of creamy foam rich tarik (teh tarik), will be sent to all the delicious full belly. Or you can directly buy red bean ice (ice kacang) and fried Rui (cendol) and other popular desserts to enjoy. I wish you have a good appetite.

Sumptuous dining experience is waiting for you

Regardless of where they are in Singapore, you will almost certainly be able to find a restaurant in its own right and left, because the locals have a special diet hobby. If you want to be able to eat around different cultures and a variety of fine food, then go as Lau Pa Sat (Lau Pa Sat), Maxwell Road Food Centre (Maxwell Road Food Centre) and other outdoor food center will make your satisfied. Meanwhile, in order to achieve a more desirable dining options, you can also in France, Italy, Japan, India and other countries to freely choose dishes