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Beauty and Fitness

Care about your health status, so that you become the Singapore trip worthwhile. If your busy daily work life, it is now to enjoy rest and relaxation, let your mind and body the best time to recharge your batteries. You can take advantage of this first-class SPA and wellness center, make yourself a more youthful appearance and gain vitality. Or you can also use such as acupuncture and massage and other traditional methods of treatment relieve pain.

For those seeking beauty and attention to the appearance of the person concerned, provided here numerous beauty and appearance modification services will undoubtedly make you benefit greatly. In addition, you can hand the waiter serve flexible and reliable, the peace of mind to enjoy. Ready to get yours in Singapore, a new self-confidence.


Coddled self-indulgence in the care of

Lived here, give your mind and body enrich my knowledge. There is nothing better than a rejuvenating spa retreat or a relaxing massage good effect yet. A variety of exquisite spa and massage parlors as you choose, using different philosophy to provide a unique service to help you rejuvenate. Pressure and muscle aches swept away.


Relax and rejuvenate

Many spa and fitness center offers physical and psychological rehabilitation, when you are busy when the tour in Singapore , make sure to visit these centers threw relax yourself .

Spa fairy dew

In Sanskrit , "amrita" refers to the magical elixir of eternal youth , although only spend one day at the spa can not turn back the clock , but in a quiet atmosphere, after the dew fairy spa skilled spa therapists careful conditioning , you bound to feel brand new.

Aramsa - Garden Spa

Aramsa - Garden Spa brings the latest lifestyle experience. The spa is located in Bishan Park , surrounded by greenery and lush , the museum each treatment rooms unique design, unique, modern design and all show a seamless blend of space , making it highlights the surrounding greenery .

Ayurlly Ayurvedic spa

Less than Ayurlly Ayurvedic spa, your trip to Little India in Singapore is not perfect ; here using historic Ayurveda , carefully prepared with herbs and essential oils , allowing you to completely relax , improve circulation and eliminate toxins.

Estheva spa

Heartbeat stimulus to shopping day later , we might come here to relax a little rest and enjoy the luxurious spa experience .

Kenko Wellness Spa

Kenko Reflexology has its own unique technology, therapeutic massage and a variety of therapies , can effectively relieve migraine headaches, muscle aches and joint pain. It features therapy is foot reflexology , foot massage focuses on reflex points , allowing the body to regain the natural energy flow.

Oriental spa

The East Asian- style spa concept , offering a unique combination of Eastern and Western spa . If you want to relieve tired muscles , its signature oriental massage worth a try.

Prana Datura Therapeutic Massage Center

Do not worry about Chinese herbal essential oils and irritating too strong - prana Datura has a long history of Chinese acupressure for the modern updates. Their use of spa treatments and modern decor to match , and melt into the traditional therapies and raw materials.

Rediscover ancient therapy

Traditional therapy and medicine is synonymous with grandparents , some of them still believe in therapy and medicine . Even today , there are some traditional healers , also known physicians in using ancient therapy, and even according to the patient's medical needs, combining it with western therapies improve outcomes . In Singapore, there are many certified physicians such as acupuncture , herbs and acupressure treatment and other services.

Eu Yan Sang Integrative Medical Center

As an introduction 130 years , long known old . Eu Yan Sang Integrative Medical Center is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) field of a wonderful work. The store medicines range, currently there are more than one thousand kinds of herbs coexistence .

Ma Kuang Healthcare

Founded in 1999, Ma Kuang Healthcare in Singapore and Malaysia 's premier Chinese medicine clinic . In its offer treatments in acupuncture and cupping ; blood diagnostic tests and general outpatient services.

Raffles Chinese Medicine

Raffles Chinese medicine to provide comprehensive general medical services, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage ( also known as massage ) , as well as professional services , such as diabetes, eye diseases , infertility, spinal problems and stroke