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Pursue your creative efforts

Cite numerous art museums , galleries and exhibition halls, schools, arts organizations and other agencies to create a distinctive Singapore's vibrant local arts scene . Here heroes gather , on behalf of Singapore's local and international art achievement, is the world's consummate art showcase .

Admire priceless art treasures

Singapore's numerous museums treasure various art treasures. Many of whom are private museums , private collections of famous works display . Not only is the museum exhibition space , while actively playing education , the role of propaganda for the public to enjoy the collections when nurtured and inspired by art . Occasional fine arts presents the greatest , so that art lovers admired .

Good possession of the Museum

If you wish to purchase a work of art on the market now in the hot Chinese contemporary art , there will not live up to your eye .
National University of Singapore Museum

National University of Singapore Museum aims at through strategic acquisitions, extensive collection of works of art for exhibition and research and other ways to enrich our students of the National University of socio-historical experience , deepen understanding of Asian art and the motherland .

Red dot design museum

Red Dot Design Museum is the world 's second kind museum . Its location place - red dot traffic post is a grand colonial-style building , once used as the Singapore Traffic Police Headquarters.

8Q SAM - Singapore Art Museum

The museum site was originally mainly enroll male students at St. Joseph's College . Equipped with various advanced facilities museum officially opened in 1996 . Museum has the world 's largest modern and contemporary public art collection in Southeast Asia , and continue to absorb international contemporary art elements .

Sui Xian Museum

Sui Xian galleries for you to start a quaint rustic adventure , here is the renowned far and near , hard prolific artist in Singapore little footprints proof.

The Arts House

Arts House is not only Singapore's oldest existing government building , is the only one message to be published in the Gazette on top of multi-disciplinary arts center built in designated government buildings .


From the dazzling array of exquisite works favored pick your masterpiece

Colored art galleries everywhere, domestic and foreign art attracted many buyers away. In addition, temporary exhibitions integrated with the world works, to become a paradise for art lovers spoiled for choice. Want to buy works of art or simply want to cultivate character, there is a better place for it than here!


Obtain first-hand theater experience

Singapore's performing arts talent, limitless energy. Such prosperity is mainly due to the government to enhance the visibility of arts support and initiatives. In addition to the passion of local works, there are many international drama landed here, pull the audience's heartstrings. If you are devoted to the arts actor or performing arts enthusiasts, Singapore would be your ideal artistic paradise.