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Indonesia's major cities over a four-star hotel, its facilities and services have reached world standards, but the price is high, five-star hotel room rates are common in $ 200 down. Two three-star hotel, well-equipped, clean and comfortable hotel prices much lower than the big, common room charges between $ 300 forty eight ninety US dollars per night.


Indonesia's major cities or three-star hotel, not luxurious, but living well equipped, clean and comfortable, many rent lower than the big hotel, common room charges between $ 30-40 to $ 80-90 per night. Unrated small hotel, general poor facilities, but the price is quite cheap, only charge ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per room per night. Hotel accommodation in, to protect your items. In particular, money and valuables in the room would not go away casual room.

Jakarta accommodation contrast slightly expensive, very few online GUEST HOUSE. Sand Point Road Jakarta reportedly stay more convenient, affordable; Jakarta Hotel J1 Thamrin mostly concentrated in the vicinity of the road. In addition, the hotel has a leisure called "Horison", and there is some distance from the city, you can enjoy the atmosphere throughout Jakarta Bay. To the airport hotel service center or city center before booking travel services abroad as tourists may arrive too late after booking.

Yogyakarta hotel consumption is relatively low, the most representative of the hotel is ambarrukmo palace hotel. Near Central Station, there are many lower-priced hotel accommodation available.

Bali hotels can be divided into: Star, Melati and Losmen three. Star is that we often speak of the stars, with five stars the best. Overall, Melati slightly lower than the first-Star, (but also some hotel facilities and Star par).

Like fun and surfing friends can choose to live in Kuta, where is the center of Surfers Paradise and shopping consumption; Sanur relatively quiet, beautiful beaches, there are a lot of leisure facilities, abundant water sports; Nusa Dua Bali the newly developed luxury island hotel area, there are a number of five-star hotels, elegant environment, modern facilities.