5 Tips Travel Cool Style and Awesome

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5 Tips Travel Style Sempoi and Awesome | Take a trip away or traveling, it's not a reason not to look pretty. In fact, when visiting the desired destination, the skills is a priority.

If you want to take a trip or a longer vacation, consider the health of body and appearance.


You can still look beautiful and handsome all the way to the tip provided this week.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Travelling

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling | Though often do holiday abroad, you certainly will not miss mistakes always do when on vacation.

The offense was not great, but sometimes it can give unexpected problems.


Therefore, check the tip of traveling this week that lists some mistakes to be avoided while on holiday abroad so your holiday runs smoothly.

Taxi Ride Guide, Must Know!

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Not many people really know how to use a taxi service. Attributable to this consumer attitudes, some taxi drivers take advantage of passengers by charging high. This entry helps you take a taxi to the 'safe'.

Learn the location and the way to go
You should plan and identify the routes that you will go through by asking a friend or 'google map' alone. Then you can get information about the number of mines that should make you not cheated in terms of roads and money.

Tips Travel Around The World

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You finally decided to travel around the world. Surely you overcome tremendous enthusiasm to explore diverse country with diverse culture and beautiful scenery. But, before the start of the trip, it helps you see the first few of these tips so that you dream really come true:

1. Do not go just to collect a passport stamp

If the first time you take a trip like this, create a plan that is simple and sensible. Traveling around the world is to know the culture of each country visited, it means you have to spend time in each country at least for one week.

Indeed, a trip like this takes quite a bit. Therefore, you should really make a mature plan. Do not hurry because you want to collect stamp passports of many countries in a short time. Travelling around the world is your chance to get experience is to know the culture of other countries, and you can not do it in a narrow time.

How Airlines LCC Offers to Sell Tickets?

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Looking for cheap tickets I think has become a habit in Indonesia, especially for those who love traveling. Understandably, the budget expenditure to during the tour can be reduced by choosing cheap tickets purchased in advance before departure.

Unfortunately ya, Ministry of Transport (MoT) has recently been decided under the limit rate increases by 40 percent for domestic air tickets, so most likely no longer cheap tickets sold airlines in Indonesia.

MoT assess the need to raise rates lower limits to ensure the safety of passengers, following the accident that befell Air Asia Surabaya-Singapore route that falls in the Strait Karimata end of the year.